America Converges Here

America Converges Here

"America converges here.  And in so many ways, the history of Rutgers mirrors the evolution of America - the course by which we became bigger, stronger and richer and more dynamic, and a more inclusive nation."

- Former President Barack Obama at the Rutgers 250th Commencement Ceremony

Rutgers represents a coming together of people, place and ideas like no other university in the nation.  Inspired by former President Obama's remarks at Rutgers' 250th Commencement, the America Converges Here initiative celebrates and explores these themes of convergence through a series of thought-provoking events and programs.  

A Convergence of Place

Our mission to teach, research and serve has profound impacts that flow out of our classrooms and research labs and into the homes, neighborhoods and cities beyond our borders. This impact is central to our promise as a public university to spark positive change through education. 

A Convergence of Big Ideas

Innovation is a hallmark at Rutgers. Our faculty, students, and alumni have been responsible for truly life-changing ideas and breakthroughs for more than 250 years. Exploring big ideas is fundamental to Rutgers’ culture, and part of why we are a national research powerhouse.  Discover some of the big ideas that have started here.

A Convergence of People

At Rutgers, "every day, tens of thousands of students come here, to this intellectual melting pot, where ideas and cultures flow together among what might just be America's most diverse student body," President Barack Obama said in his 2016 Commencement Address. Meet some of these people and see the inspiring environment they create. 

A Rallying Cry

We take our inspiration from President Barack Obama's 2016 Commencement Address, in which he noted that "America converges here.” These are exciting times at Rutgers. We look forward to sharing them with you.