A Revolutionary Future

Drawing on the experiences of a quarter millennium of education and service, Rutgers University–New Brunswick is a vital center for research, innovation, and the creation of knowledge in a rapidly developing world. To position ourselves to continue to be of service in the future, the university community, after much planning and discussion, created a strategic plan for Rutgers–New Brunswick.

The New Brunswick Strategic Plan Initiatives

In this five-year strategic plan (2015–2020), we envision a future Rutgers that provides (and is widely recognized for providing) both a research-rich academic environment, marked by faculty excellence and community engagement, and a meaningful and satisfying student experience, facilitated by high-quality classroom instruction and academic and support services.

Committed to the difficult and careful work needed to achieve that vision, we have identified five priorities around which to focus our efforts:

Professor and students sitting around a tableStrengthening Our Academic Core

We will strengthen key core disciplines, such as engineering and education, and maintain our preeminence in others, such as philosophy and physics, while fostering cross-discipline collaboration.

English professor Cheryl Wall teaches classBuilding Faculty and Staff Excellence

We will work to attract, recruit, and support talented, productive individuals who exhibit leadership in their field. We will work to create a collaborative, nurturing community.

Students walking on Voorhees Mall, New Brunswick campusTransforming the Student Experience

We will build a student-centered university that is vibrant and diverse and develop a more personal learning environment for all.

Student walkingAdvancing Our Inclusive, Diverse, and Cohesive Culture

We will create the conditions for all faculty, staff, and students to enjoy full participation and inclusion in our community.

Old Queens gate and buildingEnhancing Our Public Prominence

We will raise awareness of the strengths that bring us national and international renown, clarify our uniqueness, and deepen our engagement with the public.

Integrating Themes

As we pursue our vision for a Rutgers–New Brunswick that is preeminent in research, excellent in teaching, and committed to community , we've identified five fundamental academic themes to guide our efforts and ensure our initiatives align with our core mission of learning and research in service to the world and the people in it.

  • Culture and Diversity
  • Improving Health
  • Creating a Sustainable World
  • Educating Involved Citizens
  • Creative Expression