How We Converged in 2017 (May 9, 2017)

Dear Members of the Rutgers University–New Brunswick Community:

A year ago, former President Barack Obama gave voice to one of the University’s deeply felt and long enduring truths, declaring that “America converges here” at Rutgers. Taking inspiration from his historic address, we have brought you stories of achievement, innovation, and impact.

We have shared with you examples of individuals making a difference on campus and off; highlighted research discoveries and innovative breakthroughs that could benefit how we work and live; and, celebrated as students across Rutgers University–New Brunswick united to raise more than $1 million for children and families in our community and beyond.

You can find the full America Converges Here video series at

These profiles are a window into Rutgers University-New Brunswick and show how our path, as President Obama put it, “mirrors the evolution of America – the course by which we became bigger, stronger and richer and more dynamic, and a more inclusive nation.”

The former President’s words served as a catalyst for the America Converges Here initiative. With this spark, we have shared with you our stories and also events that brought to campus everything from the insights on activism from a civil rights hero to a vision of how climate change may inalterably change our landscape.

As my final year as Chancellor nears its close, I have been gratified by how we continually meet the noble definition of convergence – that we “incline towards each other” to welcome new people, create big ideas, and make a meaningful impact throughout our community. With this in mind, I am certain that America will continue to converge here.


Richard L. Edwards, Ph.D.
Chancellor, Rutgers University–New Brunswick